A variety of programs and activities can be arranged in the Kapee area, all executed with sustainable development principles. They are suitable, for example, for bachelor parties and family get-togethers, or as ice-breakers for corporate meetings and training packages, or as personnel work well-being activities.

white-water rafting (air rafts)

After safety briefing and suiting up, we paddle to the Kapee lock and ascend 3 metres from Vatianjärvi to Kuhnamojärvi. By a blue cantilever bridge, we practice paddling and braking commands. Of the rapids, Makasiinikoski is short and almost unnoticeable during the spring flood. The fast Luijankoski bends left. After the Kärmekoski bridge, popular for fishing, we hit Kapeenkoski and return to the start. The length of the paddling route is 2.5 km, lasting around 1 hour after stepping on the board.

Min. 6 people / raft; max. 9 people / raft. We have 3 fully equipped rafts and qualified pilots. Price 20€/person. Wear outdoor apparel and bring spare clothes with you.


Riverboarding (sometimes called hydrospeed) is actually a fitness work-out, although it may sound like a mere extreme sport. You can easily break out in a sweat even before you get into the water, as you pull on a wetsuit, life vest and helmet, and make your way to the starting point at the upper end of the lock by kick bike. The boards and flippers are taken by a car to the start. Right by the water, we put on our flippers before heading heels first into the water to practice kicking and steering. While riverboarding, you feel every move movement of the rapids in your body. The route is around 1.5 kilometres long, twisting through the Makasiinikoski, Luijankoski, Kärmekoski, and Kapeenkoski rapids to the dock at Kapeen kievari. At the end of the route in Kapeenlahti (Kapee Bay), the current whirls, so you can choose to go either down or upstream to the shore.

Swimming skills are necessary. The minimum age is 12.

We offer all necessary equipment:
boards, wetsuits, flippers, kneepads, rafting vests, helmets and, during cold water, neoprene socks, shoes, gloves and a hood. A t-shirt and underwear are worn under the wetsuit, and they get wet. This is why you need spare clothes!

An instructor will be with you the whole way. Before embarking on the route, participants are instructed in the basic techniques and safety issues. We practice swimming and steering with flippers at the starting point. During the summer, the whole adventure takes 1.5 hours at the most. The price is 50€/person, incl. VAT.

STAND-up paddling

Stand-up paddling has rapidly risen in popularity. A SUP board is similar to a surfboard, and you use a long paddle to move and steer. You stand in the middle of the board with your feet at shoulder width and your toes forward. Your core muscles do most of the work. The movement is much like cross-country skiing, but with more rotation.

SUP boards are stable and surprisingly easy to balance. You do not need any previous skills to be able to move forward. It is suitable for almost everyone, a great form of exercise.


Kapeenkoski offers sauna-bathing for all tastes. There are two smoke saunas, an ordinary wood-burning sauna, and an electric sauna.

There is an old, charming little smoke sauna and an ordinary sauna at Myllyniemi.

In the yard of Kapeen kievari, there is a lakeside cabin with an electric sauna and a large smoke sauna that accommodates over 20 bathers at once.

You can also rent the ordinary sauna and the lakeside cabin for private use without a program.