Drift boat fishing is highest quality fishing that an angler can do in the rivers in Finland!

You can safely get through the rapids in a drift boat, stopping to fish the best-looking spots while sitting comfortably in a boat or, alternatively, fishing from the shore.

The area that can be fished is 1.5 km in length, with the average width being 25 to 40 meters. The elevation differential of the route is around three meters.

In addition to the guide, a boat can accommodate three lure or two fly fishermen.

After fishing for trout, the fisherman has the opportunity to fish for zander at the lower stretches of the Kapeenkoski rapids.

Jani Himanko, Juha Laitinen and Petri Korhonen, fishing guides guiding in the area have been guiding at the Kapeenkoski nearly 20 years and they knows the river better than anyone.

Price for a drift boat fishing trip: 470€/ 1 to 3 persons

The duration of a guided fishing trip is approximately three to four hours, followed by independent fishing from the shore. The price includes fishing permits, the rental of fishing gear and the services of the guide.

According to agreement, the client can hire a guide for a longer period of time.

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