We love good food. And we at the Kapeenkoski want to offer our guests delicious food prepared from high-quality raw materials, which are both fresh and produced or caught as close as possible to the restaurant.

The food reflects Jani’s experiences from fishing trips around the globe and social evenings with his fishing friends. Our menu is dominated by fish and game dishes.

We offer elk, perch, zander, and venison, for example. Kievari’s salmon soup is popular, and sometimes we can even offer reindeer from the Muddusjärvi reindeer-grazing association.

Our vegetarian food options are completely vegan and desserts are simply perfect. Titta’s desserts have always topped off our meals, and we believe that at Kapee, desserts will add the finishing touches to create a moment of enjoyment for our guests. When Titta bakes a mud cake – already a classic – she really does not reduce any chocolate.

We prepare food in small portions in Kapeen Kievari’s own kitchen.

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