Of the four rapids in the Kapeenkoski area, the one furthest downstream represents Central Finland rapids at their best.

At the last rapids of Kapeenkoski, the fishing spots most likely to produce fish, below the rapids and among the best zander fishing waters in Central Finland, belong to a private water area and can only be fished by guests who reserve the area for their private use.

The fishing pressure at this private pool is very low and it is free of fishermen always half of the week.

A single angler or a small group can reserve the rapids for personal use. A suitable number of rods in the private area is 4 to 6, but, as the right to fish at the pools further up the river is included in the price, a group may have up to ten anglers.

The price of the Private Pool package: from 1 May to 31 August 2022 985€/day (22h) / max 10 persons.

The price includes accommodation in a cottage (an old granary), the right to fish in the private pool at Kapeenkoski, fishing permits for the three rapids further up the river, and the use of a wood-fired sauna.

The rental period begins at 14:00 and ends the following day at 12:00

For reservations and information, please send email to

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