Riverboarding, or hydrospeed, is a fun and fast-paced sport in which you can feel the movements of water in rapids in your body and be in a closer contact with the river than by any other way.

After changing clothes and receiving an initial briefing, the participants will move upstream on foot or by bike. Riverboards and flippers are waiting at the launch site, where the participants will move either on foot or by bike.

At the water’s edge, the guests will pull on flippers and move with their heels first into the water to train kicks with flippers and how to steer a riverboard. Then, after a brief getting used to, the group, led by a guide, will turn down stream, enjoying the churning water of rapids.

The length of the route is approximately 1.5 kilometres, and it meanders through the Makasiinikoski, Luijankoski, Kärmekoski and Kapeenkoski rapids back to the shore at Kapeen Kievari.

At the point where the group goes ashore, water in the Kapeenkoski rapids rotates, allowing the participants to choose either a clockwise or anticlockwise route.

  • Duration approx. 80mins.
  • Minimum age 12 years. Swimming skills are required.
  • The price includes the necessary equipment for a riverboarding run for its duration (riverboard, wetsuit, flippers, knee pads, rafting vest, helmet and, during cold water, neoprene socks, shoes, gloves and hood, the services of the guide and his briefing.
  • Underwear and a T-shirt, worn under the wetsuit, will get wet during the run. Therefore, bring a change of clothes!
  • A guide always accompanies the group. Before setting off, the participants are given an introduction to the sport and the associated safety concerns. At the launch site, the participants will practise swimming with flippers and steering.
  • Group size is 6 to 12 people per run.
  • Availability throughout the year, depending on the booking situation.
  • Lowest temperature –10c.
  • Price 60€ / person
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